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Rapid Prototyping services

11th Hour Prototypes offers two additive manufacturing processes for fast and effective prototype builds. With a wealth of experience of utilising these processes coupled with the latest materials available on the market, 11th Hour Prototypes provides a high quality service with a quick turnaround.

selective laser sintering - sls

11th Hour Prototypes can produce SLS components in a choice of two materials. The standard nylon material (Innov’PA1550) results in the best surface finish compared with any other nylon SLS material on the market to date. Furthermore, this surface finish is available straight off the machine.

In addition, 11th Hour Prototypes is the first company in the UK to offer the Innov’PA 2550 GBAL material, which offers the best combination of stiffness and elongation to break due to it being a glass and aluminium filled nylon.

11th Hour Prototypes produces all SLS prototype parts on a HiQ Sinterstation to ensure consistency, accuracy and excellent detailing.

“1st off prototypes that you can use and abuse”
“Prototypes that are resistant to breakage”
“SLS is the ideal process for complex components”

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stereolithography - sla

Stereolithography is the most widely used rapid prototyping process. It is generally considered to provide the greatest accuracy and best surface finish of any rapid prototyping process. At 11th Hour Prototypes large models are produced on a SLA5000 machine using Somos 11120 Watershed™ resin. Watershed™ is ideal for flow analysis models as well as water-clear models including lenses and light guides.

“Clear components ideal for testing interference fits.”
“Transparent parts without the need for tooling.”
“SLA is the ideal process for design evaluation.”

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Additional Services

" 11th Hour Prototypes is a "No Frills" Rapid Prototyping service "

Additional Services such as Surface finishing, Silicon Tooling and Vacuum Casting are all offered by Malcolm Nicholls Limited who have an excellent reputation for quality in these areas.

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